Camaro Firebird 1985-1992 V8 7Pc INTAKE DISTRIBUTOR COVER KIT

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  • Manufacturer: Corvette Stainless Creations
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Camaro/Firebird 1985-1992 350 & 305 TPI 7 Piece Polished INTAKE MANIFOLD & DISTIBUTOR COVER KIT. Fits Camaro Z28 RS 1985-1992 L98 350 and 305 TPI Engines. This Polished Stainless Steel 7 Piece Cover Kit covers like Chrome, only no chipping or discoloration. Kit covers the main TPI Intake Manifold with 2 side trim pieces and a seperate piece to cover the Distributor Cover. Distributor cover has 3 matching holes and includes 3 Stainless Steel Allen Head screws; The Intake Manifold and 2 side covers install with rtv high heat permatex (not included)