Impala Fleetwood Roadmaster 1994-1996 4pc Fuel Rail Intake Map
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Impala Fleetwood Roadmaster 1994-1996 4pc Fuel Rail Intake Map

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  • Item #: ImpFR4pFRC
  • Manufacturer: Corvette Stainless Creations
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Save on this Combo Kit! 1994-1996 Impala SS Caprice Cadillac Fleetwood Buick Roadmaster LT1 Brushed or Polished Stainless Steel 4 Pc FUEL RAIL, INTAKE & MAP SENSOR COVER KIT. Fuel Rail Cover Includes both Driver & Passenger sides. Has a notch for air hose to valve cover on the Passenger Side. Does NOT have notches for air hose clamps that are on top of the Manifold. Hose can remain, but for esthetics, it's best to remove plastic clamps. Install using the existing Fuel Rail bolts (2 on each side). 4 Plastic Chrome Caps included that install with Automotive Grade 2 Sided Tape. Also includes Intake Manifold Plenum Cover and MAP Sensor with 2 bolts/2 Chrome Plastic Caps. Fuel Rail Covers are parts that did not come with this car, so you will have possibly move hoses, clamps holding wire harness etc. Please research the work ahead of you before purchasing as this combo kit is built to order and is not returnable.